Running science - before a race

Running science - How to plan before and during a race

When planning to run a race, make sure you have used your new running shoes at least 5-8 times so you know that they feel good. Never buy new shoes the same day as the competition! :)

How to plan your run

First 30%: The most common error is to go out too fast in the beginning. Spring rather calmer. You should feel the day's form and become hot enough.  

Middle 30-60% in the race: You usually have good flow, stamina has not begun to put an end yet. It is important that you enter the speed you have planned and can keep it.  

The end is close 70-90% left: Repeat your running mantra, visualize the finnish and get mentaly read for the last and fastest run. This is the toughest part of the race (well maybe not, for me the first part - signing up and getting prepared is the hardest)

The last 10%: Just run! Run as fast as humanly possible. The end is so close that it is only to run as fast aspossible to finnish the race!

Diet before a race

If you belivie Carb loading before competitions and races is a most, than you are wrong. When training before a race your body will start to prepare and you will train your body in the ability to store glycogen.

Training to run a race - Two weeks before the race

Increase the amount of training and practice to run faster after each run.
Test run: 4x1,5 kilometers in faster tempo. (running a total of 5 kilometers in a rapid distance).
10 days before the race, you can insert a run longer than the competition round.
The week before the race/run/competition - cut down on running. Do some quick short runs and some slow distance rounds. For example:
4-5 days before the race, you can run a tougher intervals up a hill or mixed 1-2-minute intervals with fairly high speed. 3-5 intervals with long rest. You should exercise at the peak of your capacity, without pressuring you. Rest a day after.

Run a of 4-6 kilometers. It should not be a test, but a way to know that the form is there.
Rest, walk, swim or jog slowly the last 1-2 days before the race, 3-4 kilometers is enough.

Good luck!