Finding a good workout tempo

Finding a good workout tempo and rest period between sets 

 If you workout with several muscle groups at the same time, something you do when you use your own body weight (with or without additional weights), you build a body that gets the whole package. That is strength, stability and coordination, which will help you in everyday life.

Don't soly work out on machines, if so you will only isolate the large muscles groups which makes you not workingout the smaller once and stabilizing your muscles. Instead of machines do classics such as deadlifts, lunges, squats and the plank which are all super excercises. When you feel that you control these excercises than add the weights or test different variants.

Rest periods suck! Catch your breath, let the strength get back and then continue

To catch your breath after a heavy exercise is given, but to take a break that is sufficiently long to you and training mates have time to discuss the world's problems? Not so effectively, alas! - Muscle Growth requires exhaustion and after five minutes, the muscle recovered. After a minute the muscle will be more or less fully rested.

How long you should rest depends among other things on how you set up the pass, and how heavy weights you are driving. But the shorter the rest you have between exercises, the more you burn. Run a circle where you rest 20 seconds between exercises and sets!

It's easy to become self-conscious when you see yourself sweaty. But the advantage to stand before a mirror contemplating actually disadvantage, and that for one reason: You can keep track of your posture and technique. And that is important, not only to get the most out of the exercise, but also to reduce the risk of injury.